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Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice. Everyone has their own unique combination of reasons that lead to a yoga mat.

You will never need to put your foot behind your head. Yoga has little to do with physical flexibility. It’s more about being mentally flexible.

In yoga we use breath and body to access the mind. Inside a more quiet mind we observe thoughts that arise. Through observations we better understand ourselves and others. The practice becomes a moving meditation of life, a heartbeat of energy to ignite our breath of life and ground us into the present moment. With each conscious breath we move into the moment… this moment, this breath. It all begins with an inhale…

My personal yoga journey began in 2002 when a friend brought me to my first, and much needed, yoga class at Yoga Center Minneapolis. Yoga promptly became my personal medicine and catalyst for positive life change. It humbles me to share with others, the teachings and healing power of yoga that has so profoundly changed my life.


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