Ayervedic Fire Water Rx

Benefits: stimulates digestion, increases metabolism, satisfies morning hunger, alkalizes the body, promotes healthy circulation, spawns creativity, amplifies magical powers, the list goes on and on…

20 oz bottle
*Juice of one small lemon
*1 Tbsp. Braggs apple cider vinegar
*1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
*1/8 tsp cinnamon
1/4 cup pomegranate or other juice

Optional – 1 Tbsp. chia seeds or sweet basil seeds
Optional – sprinkle of stevia to sweeten
Optional – slice of cucumber
Optional – 1 tsp juiced ginger or several thin slices of fresh ginger root

*Add ingredients to your bottle, shake well, then fill the rest of the bottle with filtered water.

Drink at or near room temp.
For best results, drink your firewater in the morning on an empty stomach. Increase the spices as your palate allows. Adjust the recipe to meet your needs and to the bottle size you prefer. Fresh spices will improve the flavor. Your local coop may carry several different variations of cayenne pepper and cinnamon. Consider trying a few different varieties before deciding what works best for your body type and palate.

TIME SAVING TIP – Prepare for your week by making several bottles at the same time. Leave out the water and chia seeds until your ready to consume.